Strange Games

Delightful, funny and touching Strange Games show of a great actor, mime, clown and play-wright Vladimir Olshansky from Cirque du Soleil and his extraordinary co-stars Carlo Decio and Yury Olshansky. It should not only be admired  but studied. In it you can find Fellini, Chaplin and Keaton who can be considered the "gender” precursors, which then located in Beckett a new formal dimension. Olshansky's show is doubly enjoyable, on one side because it stimulates reflections and provides historical materials, references, and synergies, on the other side for its absolute stylistic perfection, clean movements and emblematic expressions, achieving a synthesis of expression capable of communicating sic et sempliciter, without words.

Enrico Bernard,

Strange Games is expressed through the  language  of  Visual Theatre.  It develops at the intersection of performing arts and draws on traditions that are universal. The show blends techniques of dramatic art, visual comedy and a wide spectrum of theatre. The narration flows through symbolic parabolas with movement and gestural art, where is the body speaks as eloquently as the voice, demonstrating  its great strengths that can often mine the emotions that fall in the silences between words. The show does not use words, but instead it utilizes visual images, puppetry, music, irony and humor.  Strange Games unveils it's majesty through the various stories which make up parts of the immense mosaic of life. Although seemingly surreal and funny, each story highlights the different aspects of our existence with great human and philosophical depth.

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